Licensed Cannabis Cultivation Company in Colombia

Empresa productora de cannabis en Colombia

Pharmacol Cannabis, is a Colombian company with a production complex in Finca la Esmeralda in the region of the Tayrona natural park, located between the Sierra Nevada and Santa Marta. This area is recognized for its unique biodiversity, its water springs, and its ancestral connection from the Kogui tradition.

Finca la Esmeralda has more than 30,000 m2, in which we have more than 10,000 m2 of protected area with native species, and natural fauna such as the White-headed Marmoset (Saguinus oedipus), howler monkey, anteaters, armadillos, birds and butterflies. One of the 4 rivers that originate in the Sierra Nevada, the Piedras River, flows through the perimeter of La Esmeralda, for which we have a concession from the environmental entity Corpamag to take 1.3 liters per second and take them to our treatment plant. and ultra purification of water to feed our production system.

Pharmacol Cannabis is a licensed cannabis cultivation company, it has all the current licenses required by the Colombian state to cultivate, produce seed, transform derivatives, investigate, export and import cannabis for medical and industrial purposes.

Cutivate · Seed Production · Transformation of derivates · Investigation · Export · Import | Medical and Industrial Cannabis

Our Certifications

Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard GAP (CUMCS-GAP)

Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard GAP (CUMCS-GAP) is globally the leading certification standard for medical cannabis certification. The goal of the standard is to ensure the best quality and consistency in the production of the product.

A growing number of countries have implemented legal frameworks for the cultivation and use of medical cannabis. In December 2020, the UN recognized the medical value of cannabis. As a consequence, the market requires strict adherence to quality systems and cultivation procedures like compliance with guidelines such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) Good Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP). Therefore, independent verification for compliance by third parties is becoming common practice in the industry. The CUMCS-GAP standard serves as a practical manual for Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) of medical cannabis anywhere in the world and allows for objective auditing by qualified auditors.

CUMCS-GAP has been benchmarked against the Israeli Medical Cannabis Standard (IMC-GAP) towards full equivalency. Therefore, CUMCS-GAP is a recognized and accepted program by the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency (IMCA) – Ministry of Health, for all imports of medical cannabis into Israel.

The CUMCS-GAP standard is based on:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines: WHO Guidelines on good agricultural & collection practices (GACP) for medicinal plants – Geneva 2003

European Medicines Agency (EMA GACP): guideline on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) for starting materials of herbal origin(July 2005); Guidelines of the Dutch Government for Cannabis for Medical Use: Guidelines for cultivating cannabis for medicinal purposes, Nederland, December 2002; International Standard for Good Agriculture Practice: GLOBALG.A.P. IFA 4.0 (FV), March 2013.

Good Agricultural Practices

Good Agricultural Practices are a series of specific methods, through which farmers protect their own health, the health and well-being of the people who consume their products, developing quality and safety criteria in compliance with the procedures before the entity, the materialization of this objective is guaranteed, which is consistent with the proposed annexes, called:

Annex II. Compliance Criteria for Farm Certification in Good Agricultural Practices.
Annex III Audit Request for Good Agricultural Practices

Given that the demand for primary products is quite broad, this certification must be extended to all products of primary production and, therefore, it is necessary that the scope of application of the Resolution be more extensive and inclusive with respect to other products, said adjustment requires in turn, that the term definition in article 3 numeral 3.15 Plants, be adjusted in congruence with the scope of expansion that is required. For this, the decision given by the FAO, 1990 revised CIPF, 1997, is taken as a reference; clarification, 2005; formerly vegetable product.

That international trade, within its requirements, asks producers to have globally accepted certifications, for which equating the ICA certification in BPA to the quality standards of international certification bodies such as GLOBALG.A.P, will allow the certificates/producers, have a high degree of progress to obtain international certifications and thus be more competitive in the markets


Registration as an exporter of cannabis seeds

Res. 114586

Registration as Agronomic Evaluation Unit

Res. 101512

Registration as producer of selected seed

Res. 98587

Registration as importer of cannabis seeds

Res. 114587

Registration seed source

Res. 00035247 10/30/2018